Artist / Songwriter / DJ

Production/Development - Prim8 Music
Manager: Amit Krispin
Day-To-Day: Brian Jaffe

Banoffee is a Melbourne-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and producer with a musically transgressive and deeply vulnerable approach to pop. She has toured with Taylor Swift on a worldwide stadium tour as part of Charlie XCX’s troupe, and represents the new wave of mutant pop bubbling up from today’s queer club underground. She has been described as one of pop music’s “recent great forward thinkers” (FACT) and is known for infectious melodies that belie more unsettling, experimental textures and beats.

“It’s an exciting time for pop music,” says Banoffee, who relishes her position at the border between avant-garde art and pop. The broadening of the popscape to include more radical and queer artists such as herself is heartening—and playing in Charli XCX’s band on the Taylor Swift tour taught her a lot about how pop brings people together. “Pop isn’t lyrically political like in the 60s,” she says, “but now, the existence of these avant-garde pop artists advocacy in itself. Our existence, and rise to the top is more political than we could put into words”