Postcard Boy / Carwash

Artist / Songwriter

Worldwide Management - Prim8 Music
Manager: Taylor Dweyer

Postcard Boy and carwash are the creative projects of twenty-one-year old Garrett Seamans. In high school, Garrett began self-releasing his first tracks as Postcard Boy. By the end of 2019 as Garrett finished recording Postcard Boy's sophomore EP, Limbo, he began to explore a more rock-influenced sonic space. The music he was creating no longer fit under the Postcard Boy aesthetic, so he created his secondary project, carwash. To Garrett's surprise, carwash's debut single, "striptease", proceeded to garner tens of millions of streams online. Garrett rolled with the acclaim, expanding the carwash universe with several singles and debut EP, soapwater, and soapwater: the movieMoving forward, he looks to continue experimenting with his sound and building worlds not only through music, but in various other mediums and finding ways for them to crossover. Garrett's currently working on the first Postcard Boy album, to be released in fall 2022.