Artist / Songwriter

Worldwide Management - Prim8 Music
Manager: Amit Krispin
Day-To-Day: Brian Jaffe

Publishing - American Recordings / Pulse
Contact: Lauren Bodin 

N. America Booking - UTA
Agents: Daniel McCartney, Zoe Williamson

Siiickbrain is the moniker of American alternative artist, Caroline Miner. After years of writing poetry, she began to experiment with song writing and with the tragic loss of one of her closest friends, she decided to start recording music as a form of therapy becoming instantly hooked. Influenced by bands such as Hawthorne Heights, Flyleaf, Yellowcard, and experimental artist, Grimes, Siiickbrain developed a unique sound that combines alternative, rock & metal complete with raw yet palatable screaming. Her music touches on familiar topics with her generation: drug abuse and mental health, as well as the societal pressures and experiences young women face today. Siiickbrain had a busy 2021, releasing her debut EP, “Ashtray For Your Agony,”  and teaming up with artists like Hawthorne Heights to remix the iconic emo-rock anthem “Ohio Is For Lovers”, Russian protest art collective Pussy Riot to unleash an electrifying anthem POWER”, which drives home the idea that women can take back any power that was ever taken from them. Inspired by her favorite movie Fight Club, the music video showcases an all-female cast of bright, young rising stars like phem, Chloe Chaidez and more fighting it out, highlighting the raw power of women. She joined Machine Gun Kelly in his musical film Downfalls High. Siiickbrain also rounded out an incredible trio including Skrillex and Swae Lee on their propulsive track Too Bizarre.”