Baby Jane

Artist / Songwriter / Producer

Worldwide Management - Prim8 Music
Manager: Amit Krispin
Day-To-Day: Brian Jaffe

Baby Jane was born in Oakland, California to immigrant parents and soon relocated to the San Fernando Valley. Concerned about their reclusive middle school daughter’s habit of frantically writing poetry instead of attending dances and social events, Baby Jane inherited her uncle’s hand-me-down Mexican Fender Stratocaster and began writing songs. 

One day before holiday break of her freshman year, Jane announced to her peers that she wasn’t coming back to school. The fourteen-year-old tested out of high school and began attending her local community college and further deepening her music addiction. Baby Jane graduated with a degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering at age eighteen. 

Her name derives from the 1962 film, “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” and openly reflects on the dark thematic constants of the artistic journey such as identity, validation, and insecurity. Jane also pays an homage to her love of classic movies. She collects cross-generational influences from 70s classic rock to 80s post punk, from 90s alternative to 2000s nu metal. Baby Jane is inspired by fusing her anthemic songwriting into reimagined rock soundscapes.