Silent Child

Artist / Producer

Production/Development - Prim8 Music
Contacts: Amit KrispinBrian Jaffe, Kevin Hissink

Mangement - Miguel Garcia De Quevedo

With his singles like ‘F*ck You’ alone wracking up over 500 million streams across streaming platforms, the path Silent Child has taken to becoming a well-revered producer exploded even from its foundations. Following a journey that took him from pouring over music production as a teenager to being playlisted on mainstay accounts, his name is now a staple within music spaces across the globe. Born in Georgia but soon set his roots within every state through his sounds, it was music that helped him express himself after being diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers at a tentative age. But it was this passion and coping strategy that has shaped a solid career, with three years in the game now and hundreds of millions of streams under his belt. Yet the producer is still striving for new ground with his ascension.

Despite being a difficult year for people all over the world, some of Silent Child’s most popular records were dropped throughout 2020. Fans may primarily know him through these cuts, with tracks such as ‘Super Villian’ and ‘Me & My Demons’. His tastemaker support has also seen him climb to enviable heights, with YouTube channels such as Suicide Sheep enabling his music to reach millions of people. Releasing on household names such as Monstercat, Columbia Records, and CloudKid, he became a buy-on-sight artist and this has also been pushed by sync placements within TV shows such as ‘Riverdale’ and as part of the gaming platform Rocket League (with the lead single of his Monstercat music video and EP). The producer continues to pave new ground for himself, with music that resonates in a variety of different mediums. But also just as heavily on the dancefloor, which is why he is a full-faceted artist in the contemporary sense.